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All body parts are considered essential, but some are more important because they define the shape of the body. For instance, the shape and size of breasts means a lot to every woman. However, women with oversized breasts often feel ashamed when people notice and ask about their breast size. Back and neck pain also causes problems for women with large breasts, leading to inconvenience while doing certain activities such as walking or bending. Fortunately, if you have oversized breasts and want to reduce their size, you can undergo breast reduction surgery in Dubai. While the breast reduction cost varies from person to person, below, we have shared some cost-determining factors and the average breast reduction cost in Dubai.

Breast Reduction Cost in Dubai

Breast reduction surgery cost indeed varies from person to person. Generally, the price differs due to varying factors contributing to the total cost. However, the average breast reduction cost in Dubai starts from 30000 AED.

Cost of breast reduction

Below, we have shared some of the cost-determining factors that influence the price of breast reduction surgery:

Technique Used to Perform the Procedure

One of the main factors that make up the total treatment cost is the reduction technique chosen for the treatment. For instance, if a patient only requires liposuction treatment, the price would be lower. However, if surgery is also needed, the cost will rise.

Nature of Results Desired by the Patient

A woman with oversized breasts may have to pay more than a woman who only wants minor enhancement. It means the results desired by the patient have an impact on the final price of the treatment.

Miscellaneous Expenses

Besides the main factors discussed above, there are some optional and minor expenses as well. Generally, the total price paid by the patient includes these expenses. However, some clinics ask patients to pay these expenses separately. These expenses may include anesthesia, medications, and other test charges.

Qualification and Experience of the Surgeon

A more qualified and experienced surgeon can deliver better results than a less skilled and experienced professional. Due to this reason, the total price of the treatment also depends on the expertise of the doctor.

Geographic Location and Quality of the Provider

The location of the clinic is also important; people prefer clinics that are near their place. The quality of service also matters; quality-focused clinics may charge more.

Avail Financing

Consult an Expert

Now that you know about breast reduction cost in Dubai, this treatment is worth trying if you are a woman with oversized breasts. If you have oversized breasts that you want to reduce, please consult one of our breast reduction surgeons. To schedule an exclusive appointment, you can use our contact number or online form, and our representative will be in touch with you.


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