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A wholehearted smile increases a person’s beauty tenfold, and a smile with dimples makes one look even more beautiful. Most people love having dimples on their faces. While some people are naturally blessed with dimples, not everyone is. However, some people love them so much that they are ready to go under the knife to get them. Dimple Surgery Dubai allows such people to achieve their lifelong dream of having dimples.

What is Dimpleplasty?

Dimpleplasty or Dimple Creation Surgery is a cosmetic procedure that allows creating natural-looking dimples. Small indentations on any portion of the skin are known as dimples. However, the word dimple is more commonly associated with the indentations in the cheeks and chin.

Usually, cheek indentations appear only when a person smile. Some people naturally have them on their cheeks, while others crave to have them because they enhance smiles. So, they resort to plastic surgery and get dimples on their cheeks with the help of Dimpleplasty.

Some people undergo Dimpleplasty along with Digital Smile Design to extensively improve their smiles.

Candidacy Criteria

Anyone can be a good candidate for Dimple Creation Dubai if they:

  • are in good mental and physical health
  • want to enhance their facial appearance
  • have realistic expectations with treatment results
  • want to create a dimple in their chin or cheeks

Avail Financing

Pre-Procedure Care

To achieve the best results and avoid complications during the procedure, candidates should follow the below-given instructions:

  • Refrain from taking blood-thinners and painkillers unless the practitioner allows you.
  • Do not take any vitamins or supplements for at least a week before the procedure.
  • Avoid drinking or eating anything 6 hours before the treatment.


Dimpleplasty Dubai is a simple procedure that takes about 30-40 minutes to complete. The step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  • Planning and Marking: The surgeon will discuss and plan the treatment, followed by marking the area.
  • Administering Local Anesthesia: The surgeon will administer local anesthesia to the treatment area, which will help avoid pain and discomfort.
  • Making Incisions: The surgeon will now make small incisions from the inside of the mouth to start the surgery.
  • Slight Skin Removal: Some portion of the skin from the inside of the mouth will be removed.
  • Finalizing and Stitching: The surgeon will make the required adjustments and stitch the incision sites.

Post-Procedure Care

Generally, candidates do not require extensive aftercare. However, some experts insist on resting for a few hours until the skin settles. Some general post-procedure instructions after Dimpleplasty are as follows:

  • Do not take blood-thinners and painkillers, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, etc.
  • The swelling and bruising will subside in a few days, but use cold compresses to speed up healing.
  • Keep taking the medications prescribed by the surgeon.

Recovery and Results

This simple and short technique is known for delivering promising results in a short time. Generally, Dimple Surgery provides permanent results, but they are reversible.

Like other surgical procedures, Dimpleplasty also has some short-term and minor side effects, such as mild swelling and bruising. But these side effects are not permanent and subside within a day or so.

Once the temporary side effects subside, candidates can enjoy noticeable dimples on their cheeks even when they have relaxed facial muscles.


Dimpleplasty comes with several benefits that make it worth our time and money. Some of its benefits are as follows:

  • It makes the smile more attractive and alluring.
  • The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia.
  • Dimpleplasty delivers natural-looking and long-lasting indentations.
  • It only causes minor side effects, and there is no downtime.

Get The Cost

Cost of the Treatment

The price of Dimple Creation Surgery is not fixed because many variable factors influence it. Some of these factors include:

  • Anesthesia fee
  • Medical tests
  • Desired Results
  • Number of sessions
  • Surgeon’s qualification, training, experience, and reputation
  • Clinic’s quality of service and geographic location

While only an expert can determine the exact treatment price, the average Dimple Surgery Cost in Dubai starts from 2000 AED.

Dimple Creation Treatment FAQ’s

Can dimples be created?

Yes, dimples can be created by using cheek piercing methods as well as through dimple creation surgery. Usually minimal incisions are made from the inside of your mouth to create a perfect dimple.

How long does dimple creation last?

The results of dimpleplasty or dimple surgery are usually permanent and last for the rest of your life.

Can dimples go away?

No, dimples don’t go away. However, they may become less visible as you age. Dimple created through dimpleplasty usually last forever.

How do you get surgical dimples permanently?

For permanent surgical dimples, an expert dermatologist makes incisions inside your mouth to make a dimple that looks natural.

Consult an Expert

Sometimes a Hollywood Smile Makeover cannot do what Dimple Surgery Dubai can. If you want to get dimples through a safe and effective treatment, consult one of our experts. They will help you understand if you are a good candidate or not. You can call us or fill the online form to schedule an appointment.


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