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All parts of the human face are important and contribute towards a well-proportioned facial structure. Even if a single part of the face changes its shape or size, our facial appearance can dramatically change. Like other changes, a double chin can also alter the appearance to some extent. It can make a person look chubby and their face may seem non-contoured. However, with the help of double chin removal treatment, we can get rid of the excess fat under the chin. Below are the cost-determining factors and how much a double chin removal cost in Dubai.

What is Double Chin Removal Treatment?

A double chin occurs when unwanted fats accumulate in the chin area. Unlike the fat in other body parts, this type of fat may not melt with the help of physical exercise.

The fat that gets deposited this way can be removed with the help of different techniques. Double chin removal treatment uses different techniques, such as liposuction, to remove unwanted fats under the chin.

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Double Chin Removal Cost in Dubai

The cost of double chin removal varies from person to person. Generally, the double chin removal cost in Dubai starts at about 10000 AED. However, some variable factors influence the final pricing and the treatment providers have to consider those factors before quoting the price.

Let’s discuss those important cost-defining factors:

Treatment Seekers Location

The geographic location of the treatment provider also matters because this procedure has different rates in different parts of the world.

Treatment Technique Used

As different methods are available to remove the double chin, the choice of technique also defines how much a person pays.

Expertise and Reputation of Doctor

The qualification, experience, and reputation of the doctor play a huge role. You may have to pay a bit more if you have hired an experienced and reputed professional.

Problem Nature and Treatment Goals

Some people have a small amount of subcutaneous fat that is responsible for causing the double chin but some people comparatively have a larger amount of fat.

Avail Financing

Medical Insurance and Financing Option

Double chin removal is a cosmetic treatment and most health insurance plans do not cover it. If you have medical insurance, you should confirm with the provider.

However, if your insurance plan does not cover it and you do not want to pay in cash, you can fund it through our financing facility.

You can undergo this procedure without paying the full amount. How? You can avail of the financing facility that allows you to take the treatment now and payback in easy monthly installments.

People find this option quite easy because this way, they can easily pay treatment costs in small monthly installments. You can contact us to learn more about it.

To know our double chin removal cost in Dubai, do not hesitate to consult with one of our surgeons.

Consult an Expert

If living with a double chin is not an option and you are ready to well-contour your chin, one of our doctors would be pleased to guide you further.

You can visit us during work hours. Alternatively, you can dial our number to fill out the online form to reach out to us and book an appointment.


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