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If your wrinkles and saggy skin are making you look older than you feel and you have said “enough is enough,” you should try Endoscopic Brow Lift. Continue reading to check treatment’s cost, benefits, results, side effects, and more.

What is Endoscopic Brow Lift?

If your wrinkles and saggy skin are making you look older you consider Endoscopic Brow Lift to turn back the clock. Today’s endoscopic procedure uses the very latest technology to create subtle yet noticeable effects. The details are explained below.

Results and Benefits

Enlisted below are the main benefits and results of Endoscopic Brow Lift;


  • The treatment is safe, short, and effective.
  • It has minimal side effects and short recovery time.
  • The confidence and self-image of the patient get


  • No visible scars.
  • The brows will be lifted.
  • The facial appearance will be rejuvenated.
  • The patient gets long-lasting and natural-looking.
  • The patient becomes more pleasant and approachable.

Who is a Candidate?

The following people can be good candidates for Endoscopic Brow Lift;

  • The people who do not smoke and drink.
  • The people who are physically and mentally healthy.
  • The people who have realistic expectations with the results of surgery.
  • The people who appear tired because of droopy eyebrows and lines on the forehead.
  • The people who have sagging eyebrows and excess skin or fatty tissue over your eyes.

What is the Aim of Treatment?

The procedure aims at the following;

  • To improve the frown lines between the eyes.
  • To raise your eyebrows to more youthful and alert position.
  • To reposition sagging or low brows that hang on your eyelids.
  • To improve the appearance of horizontal lines on the forehead.

Which Technique is Used?

The Endoscopic Brow Lift will be carried out by one of our leading plastic surgery consultants, under general anesthesia. There are two techniques to perform this procedure;

  • Classical Browlift
  • Endoscopic Browlift

The surgeon will insert an endoscope through very small incisions. This will enable him or her to watch his robot-like surgery on a TV screen. This gives an amazing degree of accuracy which allows the surgeon to create natural results with minimum recovery time.

Avail Financing

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

  • The patient will have to get lab tests.
  • The patient will have to avoid smoking.
  • The patient has to stop drinking alcohol.
  • The patient will have to make suggested alterations in the diet.
  • Take prescribed medications and adjust your current medications.
  • The patient will have to avoid aspirin, blood thinning & anti-inflammatory medications.

Post-Op Care and the Recovery Time

  • The bandages will be removed in two days.
  • The stitches will be removed after a week or so.
  • The patient will be completely fine in three weeks.
  • The patient will experience some discomfort for a few days.
  • The patient will be able to resume your normal life in 7 to 10 days.
  • The endoscopic lift incisions will subside quickly thereby leaving no scars.

Endoscopic Brow Lift FAQ’s

Does endoscopic brow lift raise hairline?

No, the hair line is not raised after endoscopic brow lift. Only the forehead is advanced and there is no dissection after the incisions are made.

How long does numbness last after brow lift?

Although this may sound gruesome, it is the oldest and most reliable technique in brow lift surgery. The main disadvantage is that you will be numb on the top of your head for about six months, after which time the sensation usually returns.

Where are incisions for brow lift?

Incisions are usually made just above each temple that’s behind your hairline. Through these inch-long incisions the surgeon lifts the tissues of the bow area.

How long does an endoscopic brow lift last?

A transcoronal or hairline browlift can last 10 years or longer. The longevity of an endoscopic browlift only may be several years.

Can a brow lift fix hooded eyes?

Yes, brow lift can be used to treat hooded eyelids or drooping brows. This condition is called ptosis, a condition that prevents the eyelid from opening as wide as it should.

Get The Cost

Cost of Endoscopic Brow Lift

The cost of Endoscopic Brow Lift is different for different people. The following factors are central to identifying the procedure’s cost.

  • The type of results needed.
  • The expertise of the plastic surgeon.
  • The location of the treatment facility.

The EuroMed Clinic is offering this procedure at a reasonable cost. To know the exact price of Endoscopic Brow Lift, please call us or fill the online form.

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