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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ken Arashiro

The cost of a facelift may differ from person to person. Different factors contribute to the calculation of the cost. These factors include the geographic location of your surgeon, extent of the treatment, your surgeon’s fee, etc.

No one can stay away from the signs of aging as no one is immune to these effects. With the increase in age, these signs start to appear on the face. Some of the most occurring and prominent signs include wrinkles, fine lines, loss in skin elasticity, and sagginess. Thanks to the advancements in science, the facelift procedure is now available to combat these signs and provide you a beautiful, rejuvenated, and younger skin back.

Goals, desires, and needs of every person are different so the purpose of getting this treatment can be different for everybody. You should define your goals and no compromises should be made. You should get the procedure for the boost in your self-esteem and personal satisfaction. It is a very personal decision as you are going to invest in yourself. Believe me! You will find it the best investment of your life. For this, you should be very careful in the selection of your surgeon.

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Who Is A Candidate?

The treatment is good for you if you are a good candidate.

  • You are in good mental and physical health.
  • You are not suffering from any skin disease.
  • You must have strong bone structure and enough elasticity in your skin.
  • You have aging signs on your skin.
  • You have realistic expectations with the results.

Factors To Consider

When you are going to get the procedure, you should look for the clinic that is offering best rates. However, before deciding if the cost is less or not, you should look into following factors.

  • Complexity Of Procedure

The complexity of the treatment is one of the most focused factors when there is the requirement to calculate the cost. It depends on the area of the treatment, the severity of the problem, and your expected results. Our board-certified doctors have the expertise to perform the procedure as per your requirement. Usually, a full face lift cost more than the mid or mini facelift.

  • Type Of Anesthesia

It depends on you whether you choose general or local anesthesia, so the cost varies accordingly. Furthermore, different anesthesiologists charge a different fee.

  • Surgeon Selection

The selection of surgeon is really important and so it plays its role in reducing or exceeding the cost. You have to know the expertise and skills of your surgeon. In this way, you will get an idea to what extent you will get results. You may check the previous record of your surgeon and ask for referrals to ensure fewer complications and risks. We don’t want that you come under pressure to get the procedure.

  • Geographic Location

Geographical location also matters in the calculation of the cost. Dubai is among top-rated countries when it comes to medical tourism, so the cost can be more.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

Surgery-related expenses are also included in the calculation of cost. If you have any confusion related to these expenses or services, you may ask your surgeon about it. We calculate all factors and provide you a good package that covers these services. In this way, we keep you safe from additional charges. These services may involve administration of anesthesia, surgical facilities, and prescription of the medicines, post-surgical garments, and follow-up sessions.

Cost Of Facelift At Euromed Clinic

Here, at Euromed Clinic, we are striving hard to provide you with outstanding results with latest treatment techniques. Also, you may discuss the cost in an initial consultation to clear your related concerns.

Schedule A Consultation

We support discussing your issues with us. Our surgeons are always here to clear your queries. We recommend initial consultation so that you and your surgeon, both can view your treatment from different angles. Our surgeon will assess you in the initial session, take your medical history, know what you want to get out of this procedure, and other important things will be discussed. Furthermore, he will discuss your aesthetic goals and options that are available to cure your problem in a comprehensive way. Euromed Clinic is offering a FREE consultation and we are among top-rated clinics in Dubai. Do you want to make an appointment? We made it hassle-free for you. Simply fill the following form and we will get back to you to make an appointment. Don’t let this opportunity go. Fill out the form and take another step towards your valuable destination.


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