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It is virtually impossible to stay away from aging signs as no one is immune to the effects of aging. As we grow older, aging signs start appearing on the face. Some of the most prominent signs include wrinkles, fine lines, loss of skin elasticity, and sagginess. Thanks to the advancements in science, the facelift procedure is now available to combat these signs. It helps make the skin more beautiful, rejuvenated, and younger-looking. Although the purpose of getting this treatment varies for everybody, most people get a facelift to boost their self-esteem and personal satisfaction. However, before making a decision, most people like to know the exact facelift cost. Below, we have shared the facelift cost in Dubai and the factors that influence it.

Factors Determining Facelift Cost in Dubai

The cost of a facelift may differ from person to person because different factors contribute to calculating the cost. Before getting the procedure, you should look for a clinic offering the best rates. However, before deciding if the price is less or not, you should look into the cost-determining factors. These factors include the geographic location of your surgeon, the extent of the treatment, your surgeon’s fee, etc.

  • Complexity of the Procedure

The complexity of the treatment is one of the most significant factors when it comes to cost calculation. It depends on the treatment area, the severity of the problem, and the expected results. Usually, a full facelift costs more than a mid or mini facelift.

  • Type of Anesthesia

It depends on whether you choose general or local anesthesia, hence the cost varies accordingly. Furthermore, different anesthesiologists charge different fees.

Avail Financing
  • Surgery-Related Expenses

Surgery-related expenses are also included in the final cost. We calculate all factors and provide an excellent package to cover these services, keeping you safe from additional charges. These services may involve administration of anesthesia, surgical facilities, prescription of the medicines, post-surgical garments, and follow-up sessions.

  • Surgeon Selection

The selection of a surgeon is highly crucial, thus it plays its role in reducing or exceeding the cost. You have to know the expertise and skills of your surgeon to get an idea about the results. Additionally, you may check the previous record of the surgeon and ask for referrals to ensure fewer complications and risks.

  • Geographic Location

Geographical location also matters in the calculation of the cost. Dubai is among the top-rated countries for medical tourism, so that the price can be more

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Cost of Facelift at Euromed® Clinic Center

At Euromed® Clinic Center, we strive hard to provide you outstanding results with the latest treatment techniques. Besides, you can discuss the cost in an initial consultation to clear your related concerns.

Generally, the average starting cost of a surgical facelift in Dubai is 45000 AED, while a non-surgical facelift is 3000 AED.

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Euromed® Clinic Center is offering consultation sessions with the top-rated doctors in Dubai. We recommend an initial consultation with the surgeon so that they can view your treatment from different perspectives. Our surgeon will assess you in the initial session, take your medical history, and learn what you want to get out of this procedure. Do you want to make an appointment? Simply fill the following form, and we will get back to you to make an appointment.


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