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What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) hair transplant is a modern hair transplant technique in which the individual grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted in the recipient area (usually the Scalp). No large incisions are involved in the process, and the natural hairline can be achieved with the surgeon’s expertise.

FUE stands for Follicle Unit Extraction, this is one of the latest hair transplant methods being used at Euro med clinic Dubai.

Who is a good candidate for FUE hair Transplant?

If you are an individual who is experiencing hair fall and you have a strong donor area, you are the ideal candidate for a hair transplant.

You are an ideal candidate for FUE hair transplant if:

  • You are experiencing hair fall, and the hair loss area is increasing in size
  • If your hairline is reducing
  • Or your hair has a patchy growth.
  • Your donor area should also have thick hair on the back of the head to achieve the desired results from the FUE hair transplant.

Why do I need a hair transplant?

You need a hair transplant to enhance your look and cover the patchy area of your head. People who experience significant hair fall lose their attractive looks, and hair transplantation is a cosmetic procedure that helps you regain it.

If you are experiencing hair fall, that’s the first sign to go for a hair transplant.

Some other factors which determine if you need a hair fall are:

  • If you are not happy with the outlook of your hair and you want to enhance your attractive looks.
  •  If you are experiencing significant hair fall, which is affecting the density of your hair.
  •  If you have thin hair on your head or some visible bald spots.
  •  If you have a reducing hairline and you want to go through the procedure to achieve a natural hairline.

FUE Pre-Op care

Like every other cosmetic procedure, FUE hair transplant also has several pre-op guidelines which you need to follow. These guidelines will ensure that the procedure is conducted safely and the desired results are achieved.

Some of the FUE Pre-op guidelines are mentioned below, make sure to abide by them so that you may achieve the desired results from your hair transplant.

  • Arrive 30 minutes before the appointment time. After your arrival, your medication will start.
  • You will not consume alcohol or coffee the night before your surgery.
  • Smoking may delay wound healing. Therefore, it is advised to quit smoking a day before the procedure.
  • You will apprehend your exercise plans a night before the transplant.
  • You will have a good breakfast on the night of your procedure.
  • Wear an easily removable shirt. Ideally, you should be wearing a button-down shirt.

How is an FUE hair transplant done?

There are three steps in FUE hair transplant:

Step 1: In the first step, Local anesthesia is given to the patient, and the hair is extracted carefully from the donor area. Our surgeon and staff make sure to extract the hair that is suitable for implantation. After hair extraction, they are stored and processed in the storage medium.

Step 2: In this step, the opening of channels for hair transplantation takes place. This is an important step, and the angles of hair transplantation are decided in this step.

Step 3: The third step is the placement of hair, in this step, the grafts are carefully inserted in the holes in the proper direction to achieve the desired results. At Euro med clinic, our goal is to ensure the survival of 90 to 95% survival of hair grafts.

FUE has become popular for two reasons. The first one is that the results of FUE hair transplant are more natural, the hair line gives a more natural look, and the scalp is covered with thick hair. Secondly, the procedure doesn’t involve any visible scalp. Therefore, most people prefer undergoing an FUE hair transplant.

The donor area plays an important role in hair transplantation, if your donor area is thicker and has healthy hair grafts, you are likely to achieve the desired results from your hair transplantation. For the patients with weak donor areas, several medicines are prescribed to enhance the hair’s thickness, and then the procedure is conducted.

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FUE Post-Op care

Post-op instructions are important to follow for speedy and wound-free healing. If you have questions regarding these guidelines, discuss them with our surgeon so that you are guided accordingly.

On the evening of your surgery

  •  The first thing you will do is remove the bandages from your head.
  • Take the prescribed medicines.
  •  Sleep in a way that the recipient area is away from your pillow. This can be done by placing the back of your head on the pillow.

Day 1-3

  • Wash the back of your head with lukewarm water to clean the clots.
  • You will be provided with a bottle of solution to spray on the implanted area. Make sure to spray it two to three times.

Day 4-5

  • On the 4th or 5th day, soak your whole head with lukewarm water for 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid rubbing a towel on your head. 

Day 6

  • On the 6th day, wash your implanted area with baby shampoo. This washing shall be performed regularly until the crust falls on the head.
  • Avoid rubbing your head with a towel,  It is not necessary that all the crusts will fall in one day.  

Within the first four weeks of implantation, the implanted hair falls, and there is nothing to worry about. The implanted hair follicles remain in place, and the hair starts re-growing soon.

After the procedure, allow your head to ventilate freely. Covering your scalp with anything may block the air. After the procedure, maintain a stress-free lifestyle for at least three weeks, which helps achieve the desired results of an FUE hair transplant. You will have to prevent using medicines that affect your blood flow. 

What are the benefits of FUE hair transplants?

FUE hair transplant is more precise, and the results are better than traditional hair transplant practices. The FUE transplant offers undetectable scarring and fast recovery to the patients. The procedure causes less discomfort, and its cost is affordable for most patients. For these reasons, the FUE hair transplant is popular among people.

How long after FUE will I see results?

The hair’s initial growth will occur within the first three months of the hair transplant. The rest of the growth will take place during the time span of 10 to 12 months.

Here are some stats which will answer your question in a better way:

  • 50% of the growth will appear in the following six months of your hair transplant
  • 80 % of the results will appear in 8 to 9 months of your hair transplant.

How do I find a good hair transplant surgeon?

It is important to choose the right surgeon for your hair transplant, the experienced surgeon will make sure that you get maximum results from your hair transplant. A hair transplant is an irreversible procedure, for this reason, you need to choose the surgeon for your hair transplant carefully. Some of the factors that are important to consider are:

  • Make sure that the surgeon is certified. At Euro med clinic Dubai, we have DHA-certified plastic surgeons with 30 years of experience in various plastic surgeries.
  • The second important factor is to consider the experience of the surgeon. Experienced surgeons will give you desired hair transplant results.
  • You will also consider the technical staff of the surgeon, the surgeon must have permanent and experienced staff.
  • Ask your surgeon for the results that he or she has achieved. Before and after pictures are one of the best ways to assess the surgeon’s performance.
  •  If you have the chance to meet people who have undergone FUE hair transplant surgery from this surgeon, it would be an additional plus.

How long is FUE recovery?

The recovery after the FUE hair transplant occurs within the procedure’s first week. Since the procedure doesn’t involve large incisions, the recovery time is lesser.

The recovery from FUE hair transplant takes 3-5 days after the procedure. However, you are recommended to take a rest for at least a week after the procedure. Although there aren’t any major scars on either the donor area or recipient area yet, there are small incisions that will take some days to recover.

Patients who have undergone FUE felt very little discomfort during the procedure. You can start your normal routine after a week of the procedure but make sure to take care of the implanted area while you are at work.

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FUE Hair Transplant FAQs

How much does FUE hair transplant cost in Dubai?

The starting cost of an FUE hair transplant in Dubai is 14,000 AED. Depending on your expectations from the procedure, the price may go up. For example, the cost will be lower if the patchy area is small, and the price will increase if you have a large patchy area.

Is FUE hair transplant worth it?

Yes, the FUE hair transplant is worth the money because it helps you regain your looks and become attractive as you were in your twenties. The survival rate of grafts in FUE hair transplants is almost 90%. The doctor's expertise is important in getting the maximum results from the procedure. Since FUE hair transplant is a permanent solution, it is worth it.

Do FUE hair transplants last forever?

Yes, FUE hair transplants are considered permanent and long-lasting. The hair implant is permanent. Therefore, the procedure is considered permanent.

Does FUE look natural?

Yes, FUE hair transplant looks natural. If the surgeon is experienced enough to carry out grafts harvesting in an efficient way, the results look quite natural. Hairline plays an important role in giving you natural looks.

Do I need to shave my head for FUE?

It is not mandatory to shave your head for an FUE hair transplant. The procedure can be performed without shaving, and the technical staff will extract the grafts through micro punches.

Is FUE painful?

During the procedure, there isn’t any pain caused by the FUE. However, little pain may be experienced after the procedure. Local anesthesia is given during the procedure, preventing pain during the surgery.

Which is better, FUE or FUT hair transplant?

FUE is considered a better and more advanced option. The surgeon has more options for extracting hair graft during this procedure than FUE. Secondly, this procedure doesn’t involve any visible scar. The best part about FUE hair transplant is that people will not be able to recognize it once your hair has grown.

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