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Extra fat pockets in the abdominal region can sometimes look unappealing, compromising an individual’s body contours. Euromed® Clinic Center offers Liposuction to get rid of the excess fat pockets in the body. Liposuction is one of the most often performed cosmetic procedures all over the world. Although this procedure was performed using a single technique in the past, now different methods are available. Liposuction cost in Dubai depends on the treatment technique chosen for the procedure, among other factors. Below we have shared various factors responsible for determining the final price of Liposuction.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat pockets from the body, especially the abdominal region. It provides the desired body contours by removing excess fat. However, candidates must keep in mind that Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure but rather a body contouring procedure.

An expert plastic surgeon carefully performs the procedure under general anesthesia to avoid pain during the procedure. After that, a specific device is used to suck the extra fat out of the body.

The procedure can be slightly different based on the selected method. Candidates get a detailed explanation of the procedure from an expert board-certified plastic surgeon during the consultation.

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Cost of Liposuction in Dubai

The lipo cost in Dubai varies in each case because different factors are considered while calculating the cost. These factors include selecting the surgeon, location, treatment technique, expected results, and complexity of the process.

  • Surgeon Selection

The selection of a plastic surgeon is crucial, and it plays a significant role in reducing or increasing the final cost. Candidates must know the expertise and skills of the plastic surgeon to get an idea about the expected results. For this purpose, they should check their previous records and ask for referrals to ensure fewer complications and risks.

  • Geographic Location

Another thing that matters when calculating the cost is the geographic location. Dubai is considered a hub when it comes to cosmetic procedures. However, besides being a hub of cosmetic surgeries, it is also home to several highly qualified plastic surgeons. Therefore, the price of different cosmetic procedures may be higher here than in other parts of the world.

  • Surgery-Related Expenses

In order to determine the exact treatment price, candidates have to calculate the overall expenses involved in the procedure. They can ask the surgeon about services that they will get during surgery. These services include surgical facilities, anesthesia, post-surgical garments, prescription of medicines, as well as follow-ups required to manage results. Some clinics don’t charge additional costs for different services, but they provide packages covering all services at a one-time price.

  • Complexity of the Procedure

The complexity of the treatment also matters when it comes to the calculation of the cost. For instance, the targeted area to get the procedure, amount of fats, and desired results count in the calculation.

Cost of Liposuction at Euromed® Clinic

At Euromed® Clinic Center, we provide top-notch quality services at affordable prices. Generally, the average liposuction cost in Dubai starts at about 18000 AED. However, for a small area, like double chin, the average starting price is 10000 AED.

Candidates should discuss the cost with our experts during the consultation, who will explain all aspects and offer a good package.

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Consult an Expert

It is necessary to discuss your queries with the surgeon before the treatment. The experts highly recommend initial consultation because it allows both patients and surgeons to know different aspects of the treatment. The surgeon analyzes the patient appropriately, clears their queries, understands their expectations with the results, etc. Moreover, they discuss the patient’s aesthetic goals and options available to treat their problem.

At Euromed® Clinic Center, we provide initial consultation sessions with our experts. Besides, we also offer the best liposuction cost in Dubai with optimal results. To get an appointment, fill the online form, and you will get a call from one of our correspondents.


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