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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ken Arashiro

Childbirth can drastically affect a woman’s body. The majority of women start feeling depressed because of their post-baby body that negatively affects their mental health. Some common after-effects of pregnancy are stretched skin and lax muscles in the abdominal region. Also, the breasts start sagging due to breastfeeding.

Thanks to mommy makeover treatment in Dubai, you can now get the body you had before pregnancy. It reverses the negative impacts of childbirth on your body and gives you a newly contoured shape.

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What is Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover refers to a combination of multiple cosmetic procedures (both surgical and non-surgical) that are chosen based on the post-pregnancy body. It includes treatments like tummy tuck, liposuction, breast lift/reduction, augmentation, facelift, etc.  The primary aim of a mommy makeover is to address the following problems:

  • Loose or excess skin in the abdominal region
  • A protruding abdomen
  • Sagging or deflated breasts
  • Stretch marks
  • Excess fat deposits in the arms, abdomen, flanks, and thighs

Who is a Good Candidate?

You can opt for mommy makeover Dubai if you:

  • Had multiple pregnancies, and now you want to regain the pre-baby body shape.
  • Are facing issues like bulging tummy, separated diastasis recti muscles, excess skin or fat, and loss of contours around the waist.
  • Have maintained a healthy exercise and diet routine still, you are not happy with your body.
  • Are not planning on having more children.
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What areas can be treated with Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover can be used to treat the following body areas:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Breasts
  • Lower back
  • Thigh area (outer and inner)
  • Waistline
  • Upper and mid-back
  • Face (aging signs on the face)

Major Treatments Included in Mommy Makeover

Mentioned below are some prominent procedures that are a part of mommy makeover Dubai;


Liposuction is a well-known cosmetic surgery procedure that sucks excess fat from various body parts. It is a part of mommy makeover treatment because of its effective fat removal results. Mommies can undergo liposuction to get a perfectly contoured abdomen, thighs, back, and arms.

Breast Lift

The breasts that sag after multiple pregnancies and breastfeeding can be lifted with a breast lift or mastopexy treatment. It lifts the sagging breasts surgically and gives you an attractive and younger appearance.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or Boob Job increases the size and volume of the breasts. Due to breastfeeding, women might lose breast volume. However, with breast augmentation treatment, you can restore the size of your boobs.

Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is an essential procedure for women interested in getting a mommy makeover in Dubai. It removes the excess fat or skin from the abdominal region and helps you get rid of a bulging tummy.

Get The Cost

Mommy Makeover Cost in Dubai

As far as the cost of a mommy makeover is concerned, it depends on various factors. Therefore, the total cost varies from one individual to another. The factors that influence the cost include;

  • The treatment procedures being performed – Since mommy makeover is a combination of techniques, the cost will depend on the number of treatments performed.
  • The expertise of the surgeon- The surgeons charge their fee according to their experience. A highly experienced surgeon with a good reputation will charge more.
  • The location of the clinic – The cost of mommy makeover surgery also depends on the clinic’s location.

Mommy Makeover FAQs

Does mommy makeover require anesthesia?

Yes, it does. Mommy makeover includes both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Therefore, the anesthesia protocol depends on the combination of treatments being performed. Some treatments require local anesthesia, while others require general anesthesia.

Are the results of mommy makeover permanent?

The duration of the results also depends on the combination of treatments being performed. The results of the surgical treatments are permanent, whereas the results of the non-surgical procedures are temporary. Therefore, the results of mommy makeovers vary from one person to another.

How to prepare for a mommy makeover?

To prepare for mommy makeover treatment, you need to follow the instructions provided by your surgeon. Some of the standard pre-op instructions are;
● Share your medication history with the surgeon. Let him know about the medicines you use regularly.
● Avoid using medicines and vitamins that interfere with the body's blood clotting ability.
● Maintain a stable weight before getting mommy makeover surgery by having a healthy diet.

What is the recovery period and downtime?

The recovery period and downtime of a mommy makeover depends on the treatments chosen for a respective patient. For instance, tummy tuck is a surgical procedure requires almost six weeks for a full recovery. However, the recovery period of a non-surgical procedure will be short.

What are the non-surgical procedures involved in a mommy makeover?

Some of the common non-surgical treatments involved in mommy makeover Dubai are;
● Botox injections
● Juvederm Fillers
● AFT Breast Augmentation
● Laser liposuction
● Non-surgical facelift

Get a Consultation

If you are thinking of getting mommy makeover treatment and want to consult with an expert surgeon, visit Euromed Clinic Center Dubai. We have a team of certified cosmetic surgeons on board who are ready to help you achieve your pre-baby body. You can discuss all your concerns and expectation with our surgeons, and they will offer you the best-suited treatment solution. Just fill in the consultation form, and one of our correspondents will get back to you to schedule your appointment.


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