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Our nose is one of the first features noticed on the face. A symmetrically balanced and well-shaped nose significantly improves facial appearance. However, some people may have a crooked nose due to a hanging nasal tip, bumps, etc. These issues can affect overall facial aesthetics.

The good news is you can address these issues with a non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose-filler treatment.

What is a Non-Surgical Nose Job?

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty or liquid nose job is a dermal filler treatment to change the shape of your nose. This procedure reduces nose bumps by filling the areas around them. As the name suggests, it is a non-surgical alternative to a traditional nose job, and it is ideal for people with slightly crooked noses.

Candidacy Criteria

You can be an ideal candidate for Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty if you want to:

  • improve minor crookedness of the nose
  • define an underdeveloped nose
  • improve the nose symmetry
  • treat the hanging nasal tip
  • get rid of nasal bumps
  • improve nasal contours

Pre-Procedure Care

Before going for Liquid Rhinoplasty, candidates should follow instructions from their doctor to prepare for the procedure. These instructions help achieve the desired results without complications.

Some general guidelines are as follows:

  • Quit taking blood-thinning medications, like aspirin, for at least a week before the procedure.
  • Do not take any vitamins or supplements for a week before the procedure.
  • Discuss your medical history with your practitioner.
  • Fill in all the details about your prescription medication before the procedure to avoid inconvenience.


Liquid Rhinoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that only takes 15-45 minutes. The step-by-step details of this procedure are as follows:

  • Before starting the procedure, the practitioner will cleanse the candidate’s nose to avoid infection.
  • The procedure is generally performed without anesthesia. In most cases, the practitioner only uses a numbing solution to avoid discomfort. However, if a candidate has a lower pain threshold, they can request topical anesthesia.
  • Once the treatment area is numb, the practitioner will inject a dermal filler into the nose’s subdermal tissue. Usually, the dermal filler of choice is hyaluronic acid.
  • The dermal filler will treat minor crookedness of the nose caused by bumps or slight misalignment, and candidates will get a well-contoured nose.

Post-Procedure Care

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty may require some aftercare but without downtime. General post-procedure guidelines include the following:

  • Do not touch the treatment area unnecessarily for at least 12 hours post-procedure.
  • Use water and soap to wash the treatment area gently.
  • In case of swelling, use cold compresses or ice packs.
  • Only use the prescribed medications for any side effects, such as pain.
  • Continue avoiding blood thinners, such as aspirin, for a week after the procedure.

Recovery and Results

The recovery period after Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is not extensive. Some candidates may feel swelling or puffiness in the treated area after the procedure. This side-effect is temporary and doesn’t last more than a few days. You can use a cold compress to relieve swelling.

The results of a Non-Surgical Nose Job are instant but not permanent. These results may last six months to three years.

Non-Surgical Nose Job Before and After

non-surgical-nose-job-before-afternon-surgical-rhinoplastic-before-after-3 (1)non-surgical-rhinoplastic-before-after (1)

Nose Fillers Benefits

Nose fillers offer numerous benefits, for example:

  • It improves nose contours without cuts, incisions, and blood.
  • The procedure causes little to no pain.
  • It is a quick procedure that only takes 15 – 45 minutes.
  • It doesn’t lead to any downtime.
  • The results are immediate.
  • This procedure costs only a fraction of what you pay for a surgical nose job.
Get The Cost

Cost of the Treatment

The average cost of non-surgical Rhinoplasty in Dubai is 3500 AED. The exact price of the treatment may depend on multiple factors, some of which are:

  • Type of injectable filler
  • Practitioner’s expertise
  • Clinic’s reputation
  • Desired results

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