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Euromed® Clinic Center cares for your privacy and adheres to the fact that protecting the privacy of users’ information is necessary. Whether you just visited our website, subscribed to our newsletter, registered for the events, or performed any other activity, your privacy becomes our responsibility. We have created this policy with ultimate respect for our customers’ confidentiality. This Privacy Statement discloses the privacy practices for all products and services owned by Euromed® Clinic Center.

Information Collection and Use

Euromed® Clinic Center collects information from the users and subscribers of our website as well as other customers. We describe the type of data that we collect and how we use it to benefit both the consumer and the clinic with this piece of information.

Registration and Ordering

You need to register on our website if you want to participate in any customer-sponsored webcasts or sign up for specific services (for example, free subscriptions). You will be asked to provide your contact information while registering. This information may include your name, email address, and contact number. We may use this information to communicate with the users and offer demanded services. Furthermore, we may utilize this information to provide requested services and communicate with our customers. Also, we may collect our visitors’ demographic information. It may include job title, company information, purchasing responsibilities, and professional certification. The purpose of using this information is to enhance our services and customer experience. Some other purposes may include industry reporting purposes and marketing purposes.

Email Newsletters

We ask for the contact information that may include name, demographic information (occasionally), and email address if the user wants to get a subscription to our newsletter. If we need to use this information, we utilize it the same way as the contact information provided during the registration and ordering process. However, if any of our users wants to unsubscribe from the newsletters, they can use the information listed at the end of each newsletter email. Hence, we do not share subscribers’ information with any of the third parties.


If customers select to utilize the referral service to let another friend know about our services and websites, we can ask that friend’s name, email address, and job title. Euromed® Clinic Center will save this information and utilize it to send an invitation to that friend. Also, this information can be used to provide information regarding our products and services. However, that friend can opt to contact us using our information in the invitation email to let us know if they do not want further communication.

Interaction with Us

We have specific features through which our customers may submit their information to keep in touch with us. The feedback form is an example. Such kinds of submissions involve requests for information, support, or service. We may send our agents to them as per the requirement of our customer service. Hence, we may keep this information to improve our services, customer experience, and other internal administrative resolutions. Here, kindly note that the reviews of our services can be revealed publicly.

Automatic Data Collection

Our websites, newsletters, and some other specific products and services have the induction of such features that automatically collect our customers’ data. The purpose is to provide content to the customers related to their interests and preferences. Also, this information assists us in making specific products that can fulfill the requirements of our customers. Cookies are an example of an automatic data collection tool. Hence, we always ask regarding cookies or give a notification in this regard.

Euromed® Clinic Center uses third-party advertising to provide our ads when our customers visit specific websites of Euromed® Clinic Center. It allows the information to these websites so that related advertisements can be served to you. During this procedure, a third-party cookie may be identified in your browser. In addition, in-house mail delivery is utilized to send emails to registered customers.

When it comes to our in-house purpose, we collect navigation history, type of the browser, IP address, time, and data of the visitors who have visited our website. However, this information is kept private.

Notification and Changes

It is necessary to provide practical information to our users about data collection. If any changes are generated regarding the privacy policy, they will be amended on this page to let our users know. In addition to it, they will adhere to the conditions when their information may be gathered. Users are asked to visit this page often so that they may take notice of any required change.

Correcting/Updating Personal Information

If our users need to change any of their information or do not need our services anymore, we can update their information. They can correct or update the complete information or the required area. Also, you can contact our customer support to make the required changes.

To whom is your information shared?

Please note that we do not share credit cards or other related sensitive information of our users with any of our co-brand, sponsor services, sponsor products, or any other third party we coordinate to boost our business. Although there is the possibility to share personal information with these parties, if required, it is still subject to the preferences set by our customers, and their permission is required. Further, these parties will use this information as per their privacy policy.


We provide an opportunity to our users; they can either accept or decline to receive information. Also, if our users want to change their preferences, they may contact us anytime at our provided email address.


Last but not least, our servers where we keep your sensitive information are secure. We utilize appropriate precautions to secure our customers’ personal information so we can store your data. Your sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or related information, is encrypted and conveyed to us securely. This kind of information is just visible to the associated employees who need it for official purposes.

UAE Privacy Rights

According to Article no 378 of the Penal Code in UAE (Federal Law 3 of 1987), the publication of any user’s personal data related to his personal or professional life is considered an offense. You can email us to make this kind of request. Our email address is, or you can also write us at:

Jumeirah Beach Road Umm Suqeim 1 – Villa 611, P.O. Box: 57394, Dubai, UAE

URL links

Our website contains links to other websites. Please note that Euromed® Clinic Center is not responsible for the privacy acts of different websites. So, ensure their privacy acts by reading their privacy policies before leaving our website.


The Euromed® Clinic Center website is not directed at individuals younger than thirteen years of age. So, we do not intend to gather any personal information from such users.

Euromed® Clinic Center Dubai Address

For questions about this Privacy Statement, contact:

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