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Anger management is a psychotherapy technique to control anger and relax the mind. There are different ways of maintaining the emotional level of patients who suffer from anger problems. Therapy for Anger Management Dubai is considered beneficial because it saves people’s lives and transforms their negativity into positivity. It helps identify stressors and enables the patient to handle them constructively to avoid tense situations.

Aim of the Treatment

The primary goal of Anger Management Therapy Dubai is to help patients deal with their anger issues. It deals with the management of stress and anxiety, which causes anger and offensiveness in a person. As a result of this therapy, patients can control their emotional and physical reflexes caused by anger. Generally, it aims to enable patients to control their reactions and behave in a socially acceptable manner. So, the ultimate aim of anger management treatment is to manage and control the patient’s negativity and anger.

Candidacy Criteria

Usually, short-tempered people are more likely to get anger management therapy. Anger Management Counseling can benefit candidates belonging to different fields, such as business, healthcare, etc. Moreover, some people are also referred by the court to get this therapy. Generally, the ideal candidates for anger management therapy are people who are:

Causes of Anger

Numerous reasons can cause anger issues, including attitude, nature, psychological problems, or a particular life incident. Other reasons for anger are as follows:

Medications and Drugs

A lot of people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol also have anger issues. Medicines and supplements make changes in their immune system and make their blood pressure high. As a result, it increases the patient’s chances of anger and aggressive behavior.


Some chronic and severe diseases can also cause anger issues. Usually, anger occurs when a patient is suffering from migraine and headache problems. Other conditions, including heart stroke, depression, and mental disorders, may also cause anger and aggressiveness.

Psychosocial Issues

Our mental health gets affected due to psychosocial causes, like family problems, depression, stress, physical abuse, substance abuse, violence, etc. Such reasons make our lives and surroundings difficult, which ultimately leads to anger issues.


A traumatic incident in a patient’s life can leave unresolved anger in them. If not handled timely and appropriately, it can lead to severe anger management problems.

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Anger Prevention Tips

Some tips for anger prevention are mentioned below. Usually, a therapist shares such tips during anger management treatment.

  • Do not be harsh with others

Try to control your anger and avoid saying anything that you may regret later. If you are losing your temper, try to stay quiet.

  • Clear your point and don’t keep grudges

Do not keep hard feelings for others.

  • Do some exercise

Exercise is a healthy activity for mental and physical health. It gives muscles strength, and you will feel relax and fresh. As a result, positive vibes will be regulated in your mind instead of negativity.

  • Search for the best possible solution

If you believe something is adversely affecting you and your temperament, try to find something to sort out your anger. Consider what makes you happy and try it. Engaging in something that positively influences your mood will minimize your rage.

  • Keep yourself relaxed

The most effective way of reducing negativity and anger is to relax and not stress out.

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Treatment Techniques

Several techniques are used for Anger Management Dubai. Some of these techniques are as follows:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Meditation
  • Impulse Control
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Frustration Management

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Benefits of Anger Management Therapy

Anger Management Therapy helps create a sense of wellbeing and positivity in any person. It gives the person relaxation and an anger-free attitude. The heated mindset of the patient will subside with the help of this treatment. They will learn to communicate their feelings in a non-aggressive manner. Moreover, with the help of Anger Management Counseling, patients learn to control their frustration and avoid addictive escapes. It also helps them maintain better physical and mental health and prevent psychological problems linked to anger.

Anger Management FAQ’s

What is the best treatment for anger management?

Cognitive therapies are by far the best treatment for anger management. However, one-on-one therapies are considered more effective than group therapies.

How much does anger management therapy cost?

The cost of this treatment depends upon the type of session you choose, your location, and the therapist’s expertise. Generally, an expert determines the exact treatment cost during the initial consultation.

Do I need therapy for anger management?

Anger management therapy is often recommended for people who have bullying behavior, are violent offenders, deal with stress, or are coping with some emotional change. However, an expert can determine the candidacy of each patient.

What kind of doctor do I see for anger management?

It is best to look for a mental health care professional, such as a psychologist experienced in treating anger issues.

Is anger a mental disorder?

Anger itself is not a mental disorder. However, it is a well-known symptom of numerous mental health disorders.

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If you face an anger issue, contact us for Anger Management Therapy. You can schedule an appointment with our therapists by filling the online form or giving us a call. Moreover, if you want to check out the anger management cost in Dubai, get in touch with our experts.


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