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The fundamentals of Child Psychiatry are similar to General Psychiatry, but it differs in terms of techniques and execution. Child Psychiatry is a type of psychiatry that works for children’s mind and personality development by considering their mental health and problems. It helps diagnose the underlying causes for a mental disorder and then treat these causes. Moreover, a Child Psychiatrist Dubai focuses on the personality development of children at an early age. They also groom under-pressure and depressed adolescents.

Child Psychiatric Disorders

Some mental disorders are common in children, and before looking for a Pediatric Psychiatrist Dubai, it is essential to learn about these disorders. Some of these disorders are as follows:

●     Development Disorder

In Development Disorder, a child faces difficulties in social interaction and lacks communication skills. Generally, parents mistake this condition for their child being shy, but in reality, such children lack self-confidence. It may last for a lifetime if not treated in childhood.

●     Eating Disorder

Eating Disorder is also medically treated as a common disorder in children. Usually, children are not fond of eating, due to which parents feel concerned about their health. It is not a severe issue in most cases and can be dealt with parental attention and care. However, in some cases, the child’s mental condition may be affecting their appetite, or they may have a medical issue.

●     Behavioral Disorder

The Behavioral Disorder can be seen in adults and children alike. Children are in their grooming stages; therefore, they can be treated to improve their behavior. Such children are usually hesitant; they don’t talk much and even behave rudely. These behavioral patterns may result from mental stress.

●     Attention Seeking Disorder

Attention Seeking Disorder occurs when a child or adolescent is 12 or less than 12 years. Although anyone can become an attention seeker at some point, children are relatively fonder of getting attention during their early years. This condition is not problematic as long as it reduces with time. However, if a child continues to seek attention and throws tantrums when not getting any, it may indicate a mental disorder. Such children may fall ill with depression if their family members or friends ignore them.

●     Psychotic Disorder

Psychotic Disorder occurs before the age of 13 due to some common causes like schizophrenia, hallucination, disorganized speech, and adverse effects on a child’s behavior.

●     Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder includes different phobias and panic attacks. Children usually have different fears in their childhood; however, if these fears take root in their minds, they automatically become phobias. Such children suffer from different symptoms, such as numbness, breathing disorder, negative thoughts in the mind, and panic attacks.

●     Mood Disorder

Mood Disorder occurs because of tension and stress. Mood swings are a significant problem for children as well as teenagers nowadays. Overstressing sometimes leads to severe depression, which ultimately becomes a mental disorder.

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Child Psychiatrist

A child psychiatrist is a medically trained doctor with a medical degree in psychiatry specializing in child psychiatry. A child psychiatrist is somewhat different from a general psychiatrist as he has to specialize in his field. The best Child Psychiatrist in Dubai must be responsive to a few parameters, such as:

  • Awareness of mental disorders associated with children
  • How a child thinks, feels, and acts in a particular situation
  • Which disorder occurs in what case
  • Children’s behavior towards their family
  • Children’s past mental condition

Education and Training of a Child Psychiatrist

After getting an essential medical degree from a medical university, the psychiatrist specializes in Child Psychiatry. To become a well-known child psychiatrist, the consultant may take additional certifications in the field of psychiatry and neurology. Every patient has different problems and disorders, so by examining various issues, a child psychiatrist gets his training of physical, genetic, emotional, behavioral, familial, and social disorders. Moreover, a child psychiatrist must get specific children and adolescent psychiatric training.

After getting enough certifications and qualifications, a child psychiatrist is eligible to diagnose and prescribe medications to his patients. However, child psychiatrists must keep upgrading their capabilities and stay up-to-date with the new trends in the field of child psychiatry. A well-qualified psychiatrist keeps attending conferences and applies new knowledge in treating patients accordingly.

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How does a child psychiatrist work?

When a Child Psychiatrist in Dubai examines a patient, he takes the following aspects into account:

  • Family history
  • Educational background
  • Social behavior
  • Medical history

After diagnosing the disorder, he develops a treatment plan after discussion with the child’s parents.

How a child should be treated depends on their condition. However, generally, the first step is medication. If not treated well with medicines, the psychiatrist may recommend psychotherapy sessions. If the problem becomes severe in rare cases, the psychiatrist may call a panel meeting of qualified psychiatrists to sort out the problem.

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Child Psychiatry FAQs

What does a child psychiatrist do?

A child psychiatrist can diagnose childhood anxiety, depression, severe conduct disorders, and eating disorders. A children’s psychiatrist can also deal with childhood schizophrenia and self-harming behavior.

Why would a child need a psychiatrist?

If you ever notice a quick and significant change in your child’s mood, attitude or behavior, it may be due to a mental disorder. A child psychiatrist can help diagnose and treat numerous childhood mental disorders and improve their behavior.

How long is child psychiatry residency?

Child psychiatrist residency duration is four years in the USA and three years in the UK. The first year of psychiatry residency includes at least four months of clinical training.

What's the difference between child psychiatrist and psychologist?

Both psychiatrists and psychologists understand how the brain works and treat mental illnesses. However, psychiatrists have to become medical doctors before specializing in psychiatry. They can diagnose the mental illness, prescribe medication, develop a treatment plan, and offer different therapies. However, a psychologist can only provide psychotherapy for a diagnosed condition.

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It is a challenging task to get help from a suitable psychiatrist for your child. Parents should search different health associations, visit nearest hospitals, and research online before finalizing a child psychiatrist. Looking for the best Child Psychiatrist in Dubai? Euromed Clinic Center has qualified and trained child psychiatrists. You can schedule your appointment with our experts now by filling the form or giving us a call.


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