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Same as general psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry is the little bit different in its term and treatment. Child psychiatry is basically a type of psychiatry which works for the mind and personality development of children by considering their mental situations and problems. Child psychiatry deals with the diagnosis, reasons for mental disorder and then treatment for these causes.  It also focuses on the personality development of children in their early age plus the grooming of under-pressure and depressed adolescents.

Child psychiatry disorders:

There are some of the mental disorders which are common in children and before looking for a child psychiatrist, it is important to know about these disorders.

  • Development disorder:

It’s a type of disorder in which a child faces difficulties in social interaction and lacks communication skills. Parents often consider their child as shy but actually, such children lack personal confidence. It may last for the lifetime if not treated in childhood.

  • Eating disorder:

This is also medically treated as a common disorder in children. Usually, children are not good at eating and parents are very much worried about their health. It may depend upon the mental situation of a child or may have some other medical issue.

  • Behavioral disorder:

The behavioral disorder has been seen in many people, not only in children but it is significant in children as they are in their grooming state and they can be treated well to improve this issue. Children usually are reluctant and hesitant, they sometimes don’t talk much and even behave rudely. It might be a cause of some mental stress.

  • Attention seeking disorder:

It occurs when a child or adolescent is 12 years old or less than 12 years. Everyone at some point is an attention seeker and children in their early ages are fond of getting attention. If their family members or friends will ignore them they will fall ill with mental depression.

  • Psychotic disorder:

This is a type of mental disorder that occurs before the age of 13 years due to some common causes like schizophrenia, hallucination, disorganized speech and negative effects on a children behavior.

  • Anxiety disorder:

Different types of phobias and panic attacks are included in anxiety disorder. Children usually have some fear in their childhood, if these fears take their places in minds of children it will automatically become a phobia.  Numbness, a breathing disorder, bad vibes in mind and panic attacks are the most common anxiety disorder.

  • Mood disorder:

Mood swings are the major problem for not only children but also teenagers nowadays. Mood disorder basically occurs because of tension and stress. Overstressing sometimes lead to severe depression which ultimately becomes a mental disorder.

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Child psychiatrist:

A child psychiatrist Dubai is a person who is medically trained doctor plus having a suitable degree in psychiatry with specialization in child psychiatry. Child psychiatrist is somewhat different from general psychiatrist as he has to specialize in his field. He should be aware of mental disorder associated with children. How a child thinks, feel and do in a particular situation, what kind of disorder occurs at what situation, children’s behavior towards his or her family plus their past mental situation. These are few parameters that a child psychiatrist must be responsive to.

Education & Training of a child psychiatrist:

After getting basic medical degree from any medical university, the psychiatrist in Dubai has to do specialization in Child Psychiatry. To be well-renowned child psychiatry, consultant may take the additional certification in the field of psychiatry and neurology, and also it is necessary for child psychiatry is to get a particular child and adolescent training. After getting enough certification and qualification, a child psychiatrist is eligible to diagnose and prescribe medications to his patients. Child psychiatrist must have his vision enough broad that he keeps on getting further qualifications and new trends in the field of child psychiatry. A good doctor or a psychiatrist keeps on indulging himself in conferences and then he should apply his knowledge, in treating patients accordingly.  As every patient has different problem and disorder so, therefore, by examining various issues and disorders a child psychiatrist gets his training of physical, genetic, emotional, behavioral, family and social disorders.

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Child Psychiatry & Mental Health FAQ’s

What does a child psychiatrist do?

A child psychiatrist can diagnose childhood anxiety, depression, severe conduct disorders, and eating disorders.

Why would a child need a psychiatrist?

If you ever notice a quick and significant change in your child’s mood, attitude or behavior, you will need to consult a child psychiatrist.

How long is child psychiatry residency?

Child psychiatrist residency duration is 4 years in USA and 3 years in the UK. The first year of psychiatry residency includes at least four months of clinical training.

What's the difference between child psychiatrist and psychologist?

Both psychiatrists and psychologists understand how the brain works, both can treat mental illnesses. However, psychiatrists have to become medical doctors before specializing in psychiatry.

What can a child psychiatrist diagnose?

A child psychiatrist can diagnose childhood depression, anxiety, and self-harming behavior. Other than that, a psychiatrist can also deal with child schizophrenia, and eating disorders.

How a child psychiatrist works?

When a child psychiatrist in Dubai comes across his patient, particularly a child, he first takes his past history, educational background, social behavior, development plan and medical history as well. After diagnosis formulation of the disorder, he then jumped to treatment plan after discussion with the child’s parents.

Now it depends on the situation of a child that how he or she should be treated, first step is medication, if not treated well with medicines, and then the next process is psychotherapy sessions. And if the problem reaches severe end, then a psychiatrist calls a panel meeting of qualified doctors to sort out the problem.

How to Find a Child Psychiatrist?

It is simple yet a difficult task to find a suitable psychiatrist for your child. A child psychiatrist in Dubai can be found through health associations, visiting nearest hospitals and very commonly, through a website. In addition, if you are looking for some qualified and trained child psychiatrist you can book your appointment now. Click on the button below to fill in the form and we will contact you ASAP.

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