Children and teenagers can be difficult to really ‘know’ at the best of times. In small children, their inability to articulate their feelings and their wild imaginations can make it very difficult to know what is going on in their heads. Similarly, teenagers can naturally ‘shut down’ and disengage from parents and families, making it very difficult to know if something is ‘really wrong.’ Often, problems will be ‘just a phase’ or will be typical behaviours for both children and adolescents. However, there may come a time when they and the family would benefit from the intervention of a professional. After all, with the mental health of young people in particular, you can never be too careful.

What kind of children and teens would benefit from our input?

  • – Those experiencing behavioural or emotional issues
  • – Those with learning difficulties
  • – Those with mental health issues such as autism or ADHD
  • – Those with depression and anxiety disorders such as OCD, social anxiety or trauma
  • – Those with developmental issues

What would be the benefit of psychiatry for my child?

By seeing a Psychiatrist such as Dr Bahjat, either as a family or alone, children can learn strategies to cope with or improve their symptoms. Communication within the family and with the child can be improved immeasurably. If necessary, medication can be prescribed which works alongside a more holistic, therapeutic approach. In children and teens, non-medical approaches are used more often: psychosocial interventions, behaviour therapy, play therapy and mindfulness techniques may feature in the treatment, which will be carried out very much with the child or teen in mind, and with all the professionalism you would expect from the Euromed team.

What should I do next?

If you have any concerns about the mental health of your child or teen, the best advice is not to wait to see if it passes or improves. Make an appointment with Dr Bahjat for an initial assessment, and let a professional advise you about the best way to proceed. After all, we take the health of your whole family just as seriously as you do.

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Growing up in Syria, Dr. Bahjat had a real curiosity that he realised would be of great value in the field of psychiatry. With more than 25 years’ of experience, he is one the UAE’s most experienced specialist Psychiatrists. He received his medical degree from Kharkov State Medical Institute in Ukraine in 1981, after which he specialized in Psychiatry from the same university, and then went on to earn a Ph.D from the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry in 1989. Amongst Dr. Bahjat’s several qualifications, he has earned the Certificate in “QEEG and Neurofeedback”. The…
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