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Written by: Shehzeen Ahmad | Medically Reviewed by Dr. Bahjat Balbous

Different therapeutic techniques are used by mental health professionals to treat different conditions. Hypnotherapy is a remarkable technique that does not cost much at Euromed Clinic Dubai. This blog post discusses how much hypnotherapy cost Dubai.

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What Does Hypnotherapy Do?

Hypnotherapy is a type of guided hypnosis where a clinical psychotherapist takes a person to a trance-like state of concentration and focus. This particular condition is similar to a situation where a person is fully absorbed in a movie, book, or music. It is worth mentioning that hypnosis and hypnotherapy are two different areas.

In general, hypnotherapy can affect or treat stress, depression, grief and loss, sleep disorders, post-trauma anxiety, phobias, fears, and anxiety. This technique is often negatively portrayed on the internet and movies. It is not magic and it cannot be used to disappear a person or to make a person goat.

Hypnotherapy Cost Trends

The cost of hypnotherapy varies from city to city within a country; so geographic location matters. On the other hand, the nature of the problem a person is facing and the time required to treat that person also matters. Furthermore, it also varies from professional to professional; some reputed therapists may charge more than a normal therapist. For different countries, the average cost is also different.

In the US, the price for a typical hypnotherapy session ranges from $75  to $125.

If you need to hire a hypnotherapist, it is not good to make a decision based on the cost; the level of expertise of the professional also matter. Here is how the rate of the treatment is calculated.

Hypnotherapy Cost in Dubai

The treatment price varies from person to person because the cost structure relies on factors such as geographic location, the expertise of professional, nature of the person’s problem, and more. You need to understand some factors to know the cost structure of hypnotherapy.

Actually, hypnotherapy cost in Dubai depends on different variable factors. Here are some notable cost-defining factors:

  • The Number of Treatment Sessions: You may know that this is not a one time job. A professional designs a program consisting of a series of therapy sessions to address a particular problem. However, some professionals ask for a fixed price for a particular hypnotherapy program. To handle different mental conditions, the number of therapy sessions vary.
  • The Type of Results Desired by The Person: The cost depends on the type of results required by an individual. For example, a person wants to quit drinking, the therapist will analyze the level of addiction and perform a specific number of therapy sessions to help that person stop drinking. Some professionals charge $300 (1,100 AED) for a program to help the person quit smoking.
  • The Location of the Healthcare Facility or Office: The geographic location of the healthcare facility or office also matters. If a person takes a series of hypnotherapy sessions in Orange Country (California), USA, she or he will pay more than a person who takes it in Dubai, UAE. For example, in Dubai, the rates of different clinics are different.
  • The Expertise and Reputation of the Professional: The fee charged by a professional depends on his or her qualification, training, experience, and reputation. There are notable hypnotherapists who are considered an authority on solving various problems and these people often have a higher fee for a program or a session.

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