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Our mind is a powerful tool influencing our habits and lifestyle choices, among other things. However, sometimes our mind can suffer from a lack of concentration which can lead to numerous unhealthy behavior patterns. Luckily, we can harness the power of our subconscious mind and neutralize the cause of our psychological problems with Hypnotherapy Dubai. Hypnotherapy takes a person in a state of Hypnosis to deal with numerous psychological conditions and behavioral patterns.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is an effective type of psychotherapy that works by stimulating intense focus and concentration. James Braid, the father of modern Hypnosis, coined this term derived from the Greek word, Hypnos, meaning sleep.

Hypnosis Dubai works on the principle of intense concentration and focused attention by putting candidates in relaxation mode. As a result of being in a relaxing and calm environment, candidates will be focused on achieving a heightened state of awareness. While candidates are hypnotized, they will be highly focused on one idea and temporarily block their surroundings.

Hypnotherapy has been labeled as being in a trance-like state. So, this trance-like state helps candidates deal with painful and suppressed emotions often concealed from their conscious minds.

What does Hypnotherapy help you with?

Psychotherapy has been used to treat an extensive range of conditions or behavior of mentally unhealthy patients. It also serves as the best treatment for addiction.

Hypnotherapy can help candidates deal with the following conditions:

  • Mental Stress
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Traumatic Disorder
  • Insomnia and Sleep Disorders
  • Drug Addiction (tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, cigarettes, etc.)
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Hallucinations
  • Delusions
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Weight Loss

Anxiety Hypnotherapy

Anxiety is our body’s natural reaction to excessive and ongoing stress. It negatively impacts our concentration, sleep, and overall health. In severe cases, anxiety can also lead to weight gain and insomnia. Anxiety Hypnotherapy helps deal with this condition and boosts self-confidence. Moreover, candidates feel less anxious and scared after this therapy, which allows them to make the right decisions and enjoy life.

Depression Hypnotherapy

Major Depressive Disorder or Depression is a severe mental illness negatively affecting how a person feels, thinks, and acts. Hypnotherapy for depression can help patients deal with feeling lonely, sad, and empty. Moreover, it can help increase their emotional security and reduce their lack of motivation and energy. Overall, it improves a person’s general apathy toward life.

Sleep Hypnotherapy

Insomnia and sleep disorders can cause several health problems. Patients can suffer from fatigue, irritability, and lack of concentration due to sleeplessness. Sleep Hypnotherapy can help improve sleep patterns, and patients get enough sleep.

Avail Financing

Candidacy Criteria

You are the ideal candidate for Hypnotherapy if you have:

  • The willingness to be hypnotized
  • Good concentration skills
  • Self-motivation
  • Excellent imagination
  • Average or extraordinary intelligence level

Hypnotherapy Techniques

Generally, hypnotherapists use two Hypnotherapy methods to treat their patients, which are as follows:

Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy depends on the patient’s ability to reply to the Hypnotherapist’s suggestions. During this hypnotic state, the patient is familiar with all the voices he is listening to. This method is effective for managing or stopping mentally unhealthy behaviors like:

  • Intake of drugs
  • Smoking
  • Unlawful acts
  • Nail-biting
  • Overeating

Besides managing these behaviors, it also helps increase positive behavior, self-motivation, and confidence.


The Hypno-Analysis Method or Analytic Hypnotherapy is a basic-level technique of psychotherapy. It deals with finding the root of a problem, disorder, or symptom. A hypnotherapist puts the patient into a relaxed state of mind to discover the root cause of their stress. It relies on psychoanalysis techniques to analyze the symptoms and then treat them through psychotherapy.


Hypnotherapy Dubai has multiple benefits. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Hypnotherapy can treat numerous psychological problems, like anxiety, stress, depression, etc.
  • It can also help eliminate unhealthy behavioral patterns and habits, such as smoking, nail-biting, etc.
  • This therapy also helps get rid of numerous fears and phobias.
  • As a result of Hypnotherapy, patients develop deeper self-awareness.
  • Hypnotherapy can help overcome insomnia, sleep apnea, and sleepwalking.
  • Hypnosis can also treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), constipation, bloating, diarrhea, etc.
  • It can also help manage chronic pain, such as migraines, arthritis, etc.
  • Studies have proved that Hypnotherapy helps lose weight and quit overeating.

Get The Cost

Hypnotherapy Dubai Cost

A single Hypnosis session cost varies from patient to patient. Usually, an expert psychiatrist can determine the exact cost. So, if you want to know the exact treatment cost in your case, consult an expert.

Hypnotherapy FAQs

Is Hypnotherapy Safe?

According to experts, Hypnotherapy is a 100% safe procedure. All you need is to ensure that you are getting the procedure from an expert and certified Hypnotherapist. Hence, for some people with severe mental illness, Hypnotherapy is not recommended.

Is online Hypnotherapy possible, and does it work?

Yes, online Hypnotherapy is possible, and it works efficiently. The altered state of your mind is used to access subconscious resources. The verbal-audio connection can be managed between the therapist and the client in an online setting, which works effectively like face-to-face practice.

What is Hypnotherapy suitable for?

Hypnotherapy is suitable for numerous conditions and psychological disorders, such as social anxiety, anger management, depression, mental stress, etc. Hypnotherapy can also help manage the habits of a person struggling to lose weight. Though, it is only one part of the weight loss treatment. It can also manage chronic pain.

Can Hypnotherapy be scary?

Generally, Hypnotherapy is a safe and secure therapy and not at all scary. Moreover, the Hypnotherapist always takes the patient’s consent and explains the procedure before implementation.

Can Hypnotherapy cure or help allergies?

Some allergies can be managed with Hypnotherapy. Self-hypnosis can effectively manage the symptoms of seasonal allergies, like hay fever. It works by manipulating the immune system of the person.

Consult an Expert

If you suffer from a psychological disorder or have trouble getting rid of unhealthy habits, consider Hypnotherapy Dubai. We have expert psychiatrists on board with us at the Euromed Clinic Center. They help patients deal with their problems using the most effective hypnosis techniques. So, please schedule an appointment with us by filling the online form or giving us a call.


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