Neurofeedback, a type of Biofeedback, is a scientific process used to measure brain activity in real time, with the goal of teaching self-regulation of brain function.

How effective is Neurofeedback?

Though it can be a complicated treatment to understand, Neurofeedback has proven results in the improvement of many mental health conditions, and is often effectively used alongside Psychotherapy treatments. It can provide the ability to make positive changes in behaviours and emotions, by providing valuable feedback and teaching the way to alter undesirable brain activity.

How does it work?

The brain is an infinitely complicated system of chemical and electrical activities that are designed to control all functions of our bodies and minds. For a number of reasons, many of them unknown to us, the brain can become unable to function appropriately in a balanced and coordinated way, and this dysregulation can have a lasting effect. Neurofeedback therapy’s aim is to retrain the brain, and allow it to return to its correct and optimal functionality.

What will happen during a Neurofeedback session?

After an initial assessment to determine your needs, the Neurofeedback treatment will take place in a calm and quiet environment, designed to provide optimum relaxation and ease any anxieties you may have. Dr Bahjat will then attach the special sensors to your head, and then your brain waves will be electronically transmitted from there to the program’s software. When the program detects an imbalance in the brain waves, it will then send feedback in the form of an audible or visible signal that will prompt the brain to correct itself.

What mental health conditions will benefit from Neuro feedback treatment?

  • – ADHD
  • – Eating Disorders
  • – Mood Disorders
  • – Anxiety Disorders
  • – Sleep problems
  • – Traumatic Brain Injury
  • – Addictions
  • – Stress-Related Disorders

How will the treatment affect me?

Neurofeedback therapy appointments are a relaxing and enjoyable experience. Lasting only 30 minutes long, you will either play special video games or listen to music throughout, and notice only slight interruptions when the signal send its feedback to your brain. After the session, you will feel less stressed and more mentally clear, which in turn can result in a deeper sleep. As this therapy is non-invasive, there are none of the risks associated with other forms of treatment. It merely provides your brain with the tools needed to self-regulate and function at its optimum capacity. Get in touch with Euromed today to discuss this treatment option, and Dr Bahjat will provide all the answers and encouragement you need to embark upon your recovery process.

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