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What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback generally referred as biofeedback, is taken as a reaction of the brain just similar to a mood ring. Neurofeedback or biofeedback is basically a procedure of checking the details about human activities after monitoring the body temperature, blood pressure, heartbeat, pulse rate, neuro waves and other body changes necessary for gaining information about the voluntary and involuntary actions of the body by taking into account the relevant information. Moreover, for neurofeedback, it is also important for your mental health practitioner to know that body should be in a relaxing state during this process.

How neurofeedback functions?

One important question is that how neurofeedback functions. Almost every type of neurofeedback works in relation to the computer or some other kind of monitoring device, which should be of some electronic domain. A monitoring device should have electronic sensors in it, that with the help of electric circuits give all the information in the form of electromagnetic waves. All the details of the body can be seen on the screen with the help of a device which should be operated through the computer. It functions in a way of computer programming on the back side. Some specific type of programming has been installed and it should be according to the condition of patient’s body.

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When the device is attached to the computer, the brain waves tell the details about body. It functions electrically in the form of amplitude and frequency. Just like an engineering work, it is same as its name; neurofeedback is giving the feedback of what a brain is doing and what it wants to do. Each wave of the brain is called amplitude, as the waves appear on the screen; it works like every brainwave has different amplitude depending on the person’s mental situation.

As there are so many things that are working continuously in one’s mind together, it might be called as brain regulation. It is like so many sounds or noises are functioning in your mind simultaneously so, the waves would be like that accordingly. It often makes difficult for the mental health practitioner in Dubai to determine the exact situation of the brain because of deregulation.

Example of Neurofeedback:

Suppose you are driving down the road and suddenly your car stops and you saw the tire of your car has been stuck in the dig and it is unable to move now. And you observed that the steering of the car is also not working. Now you will see that your car is not functioning as efficiently as it was working previously. You would take your car to the garage for inspection. Now relate your brain with this example of a car.

As with the growing science trend, newer technologies have developed even for the operations of the car. By connecting the car engine with some electronic device, the mechanic would tell you what’s wrong with your car. Every problem and the transmission issues of the car will be known to you through computer software. Now same as your brain, by experiencing the connection to some electronic device, the functioning of the brain can be checked by the mental health practitioner.

Neurofeedback Operating Technique:

Neurofeedback, conjointly referred to as encephalogram training program could be a progressive, non-invasive, healthful methodology for instructing the brain to perform in an exceedingly additional balanced and healthful means. A straightforward and satisfying learning modality will facilitate shift the means the brain process and distributes its electricity. Four divisions of electrical impulses created by our brain which are Delta, Theta, Alpha and Beta square measure referred to as “Frequency Bands”. These Frequency Bands tells that elements of your brain are active enough and that frequency bands of the brain ought to be victimization to finish a given job, activity or ought to be most active throughout completely different states of mind.

Types of Neurofeedback:

As with the increasing success in technologies, neurofeedback is also gaining importance worldwide in the diagnosis of brain functionality. There are some of the new techniques developed, which will help to provide the information related to the brain in the more efficient way.

Here is the two most essential techniques of neurofeedback including:

Quantitative EEG:

QEEG will help to know the working of the brain properly by inspecting the specific regions of the brain that do not function effectively. These areas are also called as Brodmann area which has few deregulations.

Z-score Method:

The z-score method is a comparison method. It compares the mind of patient by checking his all details with the brain of any other person of the same age, gender, and personality. This comparison will give mental health practitioner the details regarding disorder in patient’s brain.

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Neurofeedback FAQ’s

What is Neurofeedback used for?

Neurofeedback is used to solve brain dysregulation problems, such as anxiety, depression, behavior and sleep disorders, headaches, and emotional disturbances. It can also help treat seizures, and autism spectrum.

Does neurofeedback actually work?

According to a study that was published in 2016, there is no evidence that neurofeedback actually works. The researches also agreed that neurofeedback is expensive, time-consuming, and not effective enough.

What are the side effects of neurofeedback?

Common side-effects are nausea, dizziness and being sensitive to light. Vivid dreams are also reported as your brain settles in a more balanced position.

Does neurofeedback work for anxiety?

Neurofeedback targets the internal working of a brain in order to decrease anxiety, it is successful most of the time.

Can I do neurofeedback at home?

Many organizations are offering online Neuro Coaching and brain-training. These programs are very convenient and are aimed to strengthen your brain activity.

Neurofeedback Training Sessions Dubai

Therapy sessions of neurofeedback are really important to check the functionality of the brain. In these training sessions, your brain is connected to a computer with the help of devices and sensors. Every single part of your brain is visible to your neurologist. These sessions operate in such a way that the computer to which your brain is linked with detects all the issues with the help of computer software. It will, thereby monitors the brain activity by allowing newer technologies to check the brain waves. The function and order of these brain waves will be responsible for the functionality of the brain nerves. This waves will be regarded as a feedback which comes from the brain directly, in the form of a signals having specific frequency band and amplitude. This feedback appears like a sound, image or sinusoidal wave giving the information of brain order and disorder.

The major advantage of these training sessions will be to regulate the working of the brain. These brain waves control your mind and brain activities. So such sessions will be helpful for the mental health practitioner diagnose the real cause.

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