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Our brain is one of the most powerful organs in our bodies. We can train our brains and maximize their problem-solving capabilities with the help of different techniques. Neurofeedback Dubai is a NASA-patented technology that helps resolve numerous psychological disorders.

What is Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback, generally referred to as biofeedback, is a brain reaction similar to a mood ring. Neurofeedback is a procedure of checking the details about human activities after monitoring:

  • body temperature
  • blood pressure
  • heartbeat
  • pulse rate
  • neuro waves

Besides these factors, it also considers other body changes necessary for gaining information about the body’s voluntary and involuntary actions. However, during Neurofeedback Therapy Dubai, the body should be in a relaxed state.

Aim of the Treatment

Neurofeedback for Rehabilitation in Dubai aims to:

  • treat symptoms of anxiety
  • reduce stress levels
  • manage mood swings
  • improve concentration and ability to focus
  • improve memory
  • treat migraine and chronic headache
  • treat addiction

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Treatment Techniques

With advancements in technology, Neurofeedback is also gaining popularity worldwide in diagnosing brain functionality. Some new techniques have been developed that provide more efficient information related to the brain. The two commonly used techniques of Neurofeedback are as follows:

Quantitative EEG

Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) is an advanced statistical technique that determines healthy and abnormal brain functioning. It helps study the brain’s working by inspecting its specific regions that do not function effectively. These areas are also known as the Brodmann area.

Z-Score Method

The Z-Score Method is a comparison method that compares the patient’s mind with the brain of a healthy person of the same age, gender, and personality. This comparison gives mental health practitioners the details regarding disorders in a patient’s brain.

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How does Neurofeedback function?

Neurofeedback, also referred to as Neurotherapy, is a non-invasive methodology for instructing the brain to remain balanced and healthy. Neurofeedback in Dubai works with a computer or some other monitoring device, which should be of some electronic domain. A monitoring device should have electronic sensors. These sensors give all the information in the form of electromagnetic waves with the help of electric circuits. The patient’s body details can be seen on the screen with a device operated through the computer. It functions with computer programming on the backside. Some specific type of programming is installed according to the condition of the patient’s body.

Four divisions of electrical impulses are created by our brain, including:

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Alpha
  • Beta

These are collectively known as Frequency Bands. These bands determine which elements of the brain are active enough.

Neurofeedback is giving feedback on what the brain is doing and what it wants to do. It functions electrically in the form of amplitude and frequency. When the device is attached to the computer, the brain waves show details about the body. Each brainwave is called amplitude, offering a different amplitude when they appear on the screen depending on the person’s mental situation.

Neurofeedback Training Sessions

Therapy sessions of Neurofeedback are vital to check the functionality of the brain. In these training sessions, the patient’s brain is connected to a computer with the help of devices and sensors. Every single part of their brain is visible to the neurologist.

During these sessions, the computer detects issues using software and monitors brain activity by allowing newer technologies to check brainwaves. The function and order of these brainwaves will be responsible for the functionality of the brain nerves. These waves are feedback from the brain directly, in the form of a signal having a specific frequency band and amplitude. Generally, this feedback appears as sound, image, or sinusoidal wave, giving brain order and disorder information. The significant advantage of these training sessions will be to regulate the working of the brain. These brain waves control your mind and brain activities. So, such sessions are helpful for the mental health practitioner to diagnose the actual cause.

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Neurofeedback FAQs

What is Neurofeedback used for?

Neurofeedback is used to solve brain dysregulation problems, such as anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, headaches, and emotional disturbances. It can also help treat seizures and the autism spectrum.

Does neurofeedback actually work?

According to clinical research, the success rate of Neurofeedback is 75-80%. Although it is a time-taking and expensive procedure, it provides effective results.

Does neurofeedback work for anxiety?

Neurofeedback targets the internal working of a brain to decrease anxiety and is successful most of the time.

Can I do neurofeedback at home?

Many organizations are offering online Neuro Coaching and Brain Training. These programs are very convenient and aimed to strengthen brain activity. However, they do not match the efficacy of professional treatment.

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Neurofeedback is a popular treatment that treats numerous problems. For instance, you may find it in a Detox Center in Dubai for treating addictions. Moreover, it also treats different disorders, such as anxiety, ADHD, ADD, autism, depression, OCD, PTSD, etc. So, if you are suffering from one of these problems, consider Neurofeedback. You can schedule an appointment at Euromed Clinic Center to get the best possible treatment.


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