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Premarital counseling is a therapy that you and your partner can receive when preparing for marriage. The primary purpose of this therapy is to help couples discuss several issues, from finances to children to the level of intimacy. It also allows you and your partner to identify the areas of conflict and develop strategies to navigate those areas. In simple words, premarital counseling helps build a solid foundation for a successful relationship after marriage.

But just as you find a skilled doctor for medical treatment, it is vital to find an experienced therapist for fruitful premarital counseling.

Why is premarital counseling required?

During a premarital counseling session, a therapist helps you and your partner identify the perception of the relationship you are about to enter. At Euromed Clinic Dubai, our highly qualified therapists help couples understand each other’s needs and build a deeper connection. These sessions encourage them to take accountability for their behavior and feelings.

What are the Benefits of Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling mainly helps couples improve their ability to communicate, which can go a long way toward conflict resolution and strengthening the marital bond. During a counseling session, you and your significant other will be encouraged to contact a therapist as soon as a problem is encountered down the road. According to a study published in the Journal of Family Psychology, couples that worked with marriage therapists were quick to schedule an appointment when they faced a problem during their married lives.

Here is a quick overview of some benefits of premarital counseling.

  • Goals and resolutions: Premarital counseling mainly involves a discussion between couples. Both partners talk about their likes, dislikes, and expectations during this discussion. This gives both of them a better chance at developing shared goals and resolutions.
  • Adapting to communication styles: Adapting to each other’s communication styles helps couples develop a positive attitude towards talking through problems instead of ignoring them or starting a toxic argument.
  • Preventing potential conflicts before they become a cause of concern: Premarital counseling is an effective way to defuse potential conflicts between couples and helps them realize that a difference of opinion doesn’t have to cause significant problems.
  • Dealing with marriage anxiety: Premarital counseling sessions with your therapist will help you identify possible reasons for anxiety. Once these reasons are known, you will be able to keep anxiety at bay and enjoy an affectionate bond with your partner.

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What is involved in our premarital counseling program?

At Euromed Clinic Dubai, we have highly qualified family therapists with extensive experience training couples to resolve conflicts. We offer you to express your feelings in front of our therapists in a confidential space. They won’t judge or criticize you. Instead, you will receive psychological support that will help you begin a healthy relationship with your significant other.

Some common areas we help you with at our clinic are:

  • Communication with your spouse
  • Trust building
  • Conflict resolution
  • Preventing arguments from escalating
  • Sexual relationship
  • Managing finances
  • Finding common grounds or relationship goals
  • Establishing values that help you keep your relationship revitalized

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Premarital Counseling FAQs

When should couples start premarital counseling?

You should visit a therapist for premarital counseling at least three months before your wedding. It will give you enough time to relieve any pressure.

How many premarital counseling sessions do couples need?

On average, couples get 8-10 premarital counseling sessions over the course of three months. However, the number of sessions required is particular to the couples’ requirements and other dynamics.

How successful is premarital counseling?

According to a review of 23 studies, couples that went for premarital counseling reported a 30% stronger marriage than other couples. This therapy improved the ability of those couples to resolve problems.
Another study suggested that premarital counseling helped couples with short-term gains in interpersonal skills and overall relationship quality.

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