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Shehzeen Ahmad is a professional health/medical writer with substantial knowledge about the medical and healthcare department. She studied psychology at the Wellesley College, Massachusetts, and UCL, London. However, her interest later diverted towards healthcare, leading her to pursue a career in this department. Nowadays, she produces healthcare and medical content for websites, forums, blogs, etc. Her well-written medical content has been helping numerous patients, doctors, nurses, and other medical experts. Besides publishing her content on websites, Shehzeen also has a few print media publications to her name.

Shehzeen is the ideal blend of a medical expert, a marketing executive, and a teacher. Since she volunteered as a teacher for The Citizens Foundation, the instruction skills she acquired now help her write more understandable content. Moreover, when her instruction skills combine with her marketing skills, she produces a piece of writing perfect for a variety of readers.

Currently, Shehzeen is serving as the Lead Content Creator and Marketing Head at Euromed® Clinic Center. She makes use of her writing prowess to produce informative, comprehensive, up-to-date, and easily understandable content. Her strong research skills and command over medical terminologies help her create valuable, correct, coherent, and user-friendly content. Moreover, she stays up-to-date with the latest medical writing conventions and produces content accordingly.

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