Do you have a disproportionate body? Are you facing skin issues and looking for an effective solution? The use of skin treatments is increasing with every passing day. Well, the number of service providers is increasing along with the demand for the procedures, but all of them are not providing quality treatments. So, you should be very careful while selecting a clinic to get treatments for your skin issue. You may need to invest your little energy and some amount of time into it. Euromed Clinic is known as one of the providers of best skin treatment in Dubai. We have a team of best skin care Doctors. Another thing that you need to ensure before getting the skin care procedure is to know if you are a right candidate for the procedure. Make a prior consultation with your doctor to know this important aspect. It will assist you to achieve the best possible results. Continue reading to explore more about our experts and skin treatments that we are providing!

Our Best Skin Care Doctors in Dubai

Ms. Rebecca Treston

Ms. Rebecca Treston is working at Euromed Clinic as a laser and beauty therapy expert. She always serves her duties with full care and tries to provide optimal results to her clients. Have extensive experience in beauty treatments and laser skin procedures, she provides the latest procedures for your betterment & wellness. It wouldn’t be wrong if she is said as the best skin care surgeon.

Her and her client’s reputation is very important to her. Rebecca is able to provide most-trusted services through her hard work and commitment. This is why she is known as the best aesthetician in the UAE. She always works to meet the standards of the clients and Euromed. Nothing gives Rebecca more pleasure than seeing the smiles on the faces of happy clients, for more about MS. Dalya Sagar Click here.

Ms. Dalya Sager

Ms. Dalya SagerMs. Dalya Sager is a licensed skin doctor in Dubai. She has worked as a healthcare practitioner for above 20 years. She owes the wealth of clinical expertise. Being a licensed skin laser specialist, she works successfully for different treatment procedures. She has been the owner of a skin care clinic in the UK that worked successfully. Also, she has worked in the laboratories of London hospitals and research institutes related to dermatology. She is passionate about wellbeing and beauty. She holds lots of degrees and certifications from both private & government sector institutes. Currently, she is serving her expert services for Euromed successfully, for more about MS. Dalya Sagar Click here.

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5 Latest Skin Treatments

We are providing a huge range of latest skin treatment. However, the following are some of the most demanding treatment procedures. Have a look!

  • Laser Skin Resurfacing

If you struggling with dull and uneven skin, then laser skin care Dubai will surely assist you. This treatment works for increasing the production of collagen and removing dead skin cells. Resultantly, you will get plumped, younger looking, and glowing skin.

Another procedure that is providing by our experts is known as the laser skin whitening. The people with dark skin tone usually develop low confidence and self-esteem. The specific laser is used to enhance the texture and tone of your skin. Also, it helps to treat hyperpigmentation. Resultantly, you just don’t get lighter skin complexion, but also get even skin tone.

This treatment procedure helps you to get rid of sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines. This is considered as the best option if you want to tighten your skin and achieve a youthful glow by reducing or removing wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, you get a youthful glow and look younger than your age.

Another procedure of skin treatment refers to as microdermabrasion. You don’t need to be worried if you want to get rejuvenated skin as microdermabrasion will assist you in achieving your desired appearance.

Chemical peel refers to the treatment procedure in which a specific substance is applied onto your skin. It allows the dead skin cells to peel off from your face. It provides an additional glow to your skin and helps you to get rid of dead skin cells.

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