“When i first met Dr. Hoda, I suffered from being tired all the time, lack of sleep and not feeling like myself. She suggested it might have to do with shortage of male hormones.

We started out with a full range of blood tests to assess the levels of Hormones, Thyroid levels etc. Dr Hoda assessed the results and prescribed the appropriate medicine. I started to feel better almost immediately and have been on frequent follow up’s, with new tests to assess progress and make sure everything is OK.  It feels safe and reassuring having such a professional guiding you on how to feel better at an age +50. and making sure it takes place in a controlled manner.

Dr Hoda impressed me with her in-depth knowledge of HRT, (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and extensive experience in this field.

To this end,  i can warmly recommend her to anyone with similar problems and would not hesitate to refer her at any time


I think we’ve got it in as a standalone feature and as a competition 🙂 I can’t thank you enough for putting me in touch with Dr Hoda, it’s actually been life-changing for me, and I’m not exaggerating”! Mabrouk Dr Hoda ;););)

John Leza

I am very lucky “patient” of Dr. Hoda Makkawi since some years. She is very “competent” experienced in her field, very friendly and takes time to listen. Very much appreciated and very greatful to know her.

Manuela Beck

Dr. Hoda Makawi always provided the absolute best care and i believe best advice and treatment during every visit and for every issue.
Despite her busy schedule, i always receive a response to my phone questions.
I strongly feel that Dr. Hoda is sort of the ideal of a family doctor. She genuinely cares ,she is professional and she makes an investment in the health and well being of her patients.
If you are looking for a doctor who treats the whole person and takes the time to be caring and attentive , then Dr. Hoda Makawi is someone you should consider visiting.


“I have always been very pleased and satisfied with my experiences with Dr Hoda and Euromed Clinic Centre. Coming here is like dealing with a trusted member of the family that really does care about your needs. Dr Hoda is attentive and observant, friendly while maintaining professional and efficient standards of service. I was suffering from some hormones imbalance and fatigue and had been to see a few doctors about this. After seeing Dr Hoda she advised me to deal with my health with a complete new approach. I feel so much better and am very happy with the understanding and guidance received from Dr Hoda. Thank you so much for providing such wonderful service! I would happily recommended her to every patient”.


‘I have been seeing Doctor Hoda Makawi for about 2 ½ years now. I initially went to her for the regular monitoring of my thyroid hormones. She listened to my symptoms and concerns with empathy, and accurately solved my issues by combining her medical knowledge with a holistic insight. She stays abreast of new techniques, to help her patients. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty on more than one occasion for my family and myself and I am currently living a fuller life, with a brighter outlook than I was before I met her. I have great respect for Dr Hoda and I have recommended her to friends and acquaintances on many occasions’.


Dr. Hoda has been an incredible treasure chest of up to date information when it comes to anti-aging. She has advised me not only on herbs, vitamins but also scheduled tests, blood test, hormone tests and physical test. I therefore felt that every aspect of me, mind body and soul was being taken care off at the highest level and a great balance was achieved between the three. I am extremely happy with Dr. Hoda’s advise and would not hesitate to refer her at any time



Everything is perfect. No more expectation.

Manuela Beck

I am a very lucky “patient” of Dr. Hoda Makawi since some years. She is very “competent” experienced in her field, very friendly and takes time to listen. Very much appreciated and very grateful to know her.


I decided to try the slimming package to lose some weight around my waist. I’d always felt that I didn’t have much of a waist and exercising alone didn’t seem to target that area which I found frustrating. I had one treatment of ultrasound cavitation a week alongside the Proelixe machine for 6 weeks. The difference was so noticeable even after a few sessions. I also decided to do a detox programme alongside the treatment so that I was cleansing from the inside whilst the fat was being melted away with the slimming programme. The therapists who I saw were very professional and informative and I felt that I was in the best of hands. After 4 sessions I was 5cm smaller and able to fit in trousers I hadn’t worn for 2 years and I can’t be happier! I would highly recommend this treatment.

Claire Williamson

As someone who hadn’t done facials or any type of skin treatments, I decided it was time to look in to what could help my 40+ year old skin look better. Having heard about Rebecca Treston through friends and social media, I contacted the clinic to make an appointment to see her.
During my initial (free) consultation, Rebecca checked my skin and chatted to me about the different options she has available, and what would be best for me. It was so interesting and informative, and opened up a whole new world of skincare for me!
I went ahead with the Fotona laser treatment, for which the results were fantastic – I’m sure it took at least 5 years off me, and so many people commented on how good my skin looked. The process was a little scary as I’d never had laser before and wasn’t sure what to expect, however the aftercare I received from Rebecca and her team was amazing. During the week after the treatment they followed up regularly, offering advice and even a couple of calming masks to help the healing process.
For anyone looking to perk up their appearance, I’d highly recommend Rebecca – she really knows her stuff, and she’ll take great care of you.”

Mr. Imran K.

The service provider is excellent, I will definitely recommend it to others. The staff is skilled, very professional and friendly. Very happy with my decision to come here. –

Beatrice Balducci

I am really happy about my treatment. I obtained great results and of course I will go on. I already suggested it to my friends. Staff is great and Angel is absolutely the best. I feel confident with her –


It’s always a pleasure coming here. I love Spectra because it gives an instant glow to the complexion. Service at Euromed is excellent, Janmae is so accommodating and friendly. Always a delight to get treatment done by her. –


I had the Ultherapy treatment on my face and neck at the Euromed Clinic, Dubai. While there was discomfort and pain, especially at the higher setting, it never hurt to the point where I thought I wouldn’t be able to take it. When Rebecca gave me a mirror before moving on to the second half of my face, I could clearly see a difference and I was ecstatic. An hour later, I was walking on Cloud 9 and I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror! There was a dull ache in my face for more than a week but there was absolutely no downtime. I went in to work the next day. Although there are some immediate results, benefits are supposed to unfold, in 3-6 months, as new collagen is produced. The thing is, I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF!!! I am waiting with bated breath for November and then February to see the full benefits of the treatment. Overall my experience with Rebecca was very satisfying and I would give 5 out of 5 stars for Rebecca’s bedside manner, answering my questions, after care follow-up and staff professionalism and courtesy.


I have noticed huge improvement in my skin since having treatments with Rebecca and her team. I know I am in good hands. Super team! –

Lebanese patient.

I researched Dr. Rory on the basis of his qualifications and experience. He was charming during the consultation process and throughout the treatment. I am so incredibly happy with the results of my BodyJet Liposuction. He has given me my confidence back. I will be returning for more treatment

English patient

As an English girl in Dubai I cannot recommend Rory enough. He puts you at ease immediately and is the most professional plastic surgeon I have had a consultation with and I saw a few. He understood exactly what I wanted but was realistic. His has an artistic eve and this shows in his work. Check on the Instagram pictures! They are amazing. I am recommending him to all my friends

English patient

I couldn’t shift my tyre of fat on my stomach despite really working out and dieting. After Liposuction with Dr. Rory my tyre has finally gone! Amazing.

Emirate patient

It was so refreshing to finally meet a professional plastic surgeon in Dubai. Having visited 7 surgeons before meeting Rory I instantly knew he was the surgeon for me. His knowledge and experience are exceptional. He is humble too but so amazing at what he does. The best Brazilian Butt lifts in the world. He is number one. My results are so natural nobody knows. I highly recommend him to all my friends. He has really changed how I feel about my body and my self confidence.

American Patient

No words! He is the best. He had changed my life! Awesome surgeon. Liposuction God.

Irish Patient

Dr. Rory is amazing! He took so much time to explain the surgery and answer all of my questions. He always patient. After the BBL everything happened as he described. What can I say about his results? They are life changing! I recommend him to everyone! The best plastic surgeon in Dubai.

Canadian Patient

Considerate and such a perfectionist. I have had three surgeries with him and he always gives me a good result and his aftercare is really personalised. I could always contact him on whatsapp. He is also such a kind nice person. Highly recommend him. Five stars.


Dr Sofia is experienced, friendly and very talented. She puts her patients at ease and makes sure she educates them about the treatment. Recommended for her laser treatment.


I would like to thank Dr. Sofia for her help in such a short time that I was in Dubai for laser treatment on my gums. I have diabetes and have suffered with gum disease, and have been close to losing my teeth, but with her hard work and support I hope that there’s a good chance that I will be able to keep them with the routine that Sofia has suggested for me. Thank you so much Sofia.


I’ve been going to Dr. Sofia at EuroMed clinic to get treatment for receding gums. Something which seemed like a nightmare to me has been transformed into a pleasant, pain-free experience with the new laser treatment. There has been a huge improvement just after 2 treatments!! Dr. Sofia and her staff are very friendly and thorough. They go to great lengths to make the patient feel at ease. I would very gladly recommend her to my friends


I am doing really well and what a beautiful work you did specially with my upper tooth, you are such an artist!


My face feels lighter and my sinus congestion has improved significantly and I don’t have that metallic taste in my mouth anymore.


Hi Sofia , u have 100 watt smile with perfect beauty. May God keep u always like this (happy & properous) amen. I spent almost the whole day at ur clinic without a dry moment. Thanks for being so caring!


Thanks for the good service. I will visit the Clinic soon. Thank you very much

Gulara A

We are very satisfied with Dr. Tahira treatment. She is very professional doctor. We trust her experience


Very professional, intelligent doctor. I’m happy to meet Dr. Tahira, most beautiful inside and out doctor.
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